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Enfermedad del coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Enfermedad del coronavirus (COVID-19)

At AdvantageCare Physicians, our top priority is protecting your health and well-being while delivering the care you need. To do that, we also rely on your help to protect other patients and our Care Teams. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing

COVID-19 testing is now available at AdvantageCare Physicians

En AdvantageCare Physicians, nuestra principal prioridad es proteger su salud y bienestar. Durante este brote del COVID-19, necesitamos su ayuda para proteger a otros pacientes que también dependen de nosotros para recibir cuidados cuando los necesitan.

Do not enter offices if you suspect COVID-19 exposure. For the safety of other patients and our providers, do not come directly to our offices if you are exhibiting potential COVID-19 symptoms or believe you may have been exposed. Instead, please call 866-749-2660 for direction on seeking care.

Masks or face coverings are required for all patients visiting our offices, in compliance with Governor Cuomo's 17 de abril de 2020 executive order requiring all people in New York to wear a mask or face covering when in public, where social distancing is not possible. ¿Necesita consejos sobre cómo hacer su propia mascarilla o cubierta para la cara? A continuación le recomendamos estos videos instructivos en línea:

Evalúe estos cambios en nuestras operaciones y orientación del consultorio que los ayudarán, tanto a usted como a quienes lo rodean, a mantenerse seguros y saludables.

  • El horario del consultorio cambió. We have adopted uniform hours across our offices: Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 5pm, and have canceled all Saturday hours. (For the offices that offer walk-in hours or urgent care services, those hours remain unchanged.)
  • Las citas se programan por teléfono únicamente. All non COVID-19 related appointment scheduling will now be conducted directly through our Call Center at 646-680-4227. Estamos suspendiendo temporalmente la programación de citas en línea o a través del portal para pacientes myACPNY. We apologize for longer-than-usual wait times because of increased reliance on our Call Center.
  • In order to create safe social distancing and limit all patients' time in the reception and waiting areas, we have halted the pratice of seeing walk-in patients without an appointment. We will assist all patients in obtaining a virtual or telephone check-in visit.
  • Los servicios de laboratorio se realizan solo con cita previa. All non COVID-19 related lab and blood drawing services provided by ACPNY are now by appointment only, by calling 646-680-4227. Este cambio no se aplica a los laboratorios operados por Quest Diagnostics.
  • Effective 1 de junio de 2020, we are resuming scheduled in-person visits and procedures consistent with social distancing and appropriate safeguards to protect our patents.
  • Ahora se puede solicitar en línea la historia clínica de pacientes a través de Verisma, lo que le permite completar, firmar y presentar solicitudes de manera electrónica desde la comodidad de su hogar, las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana. Solicite su propia historia clínica aquí. If you are requesting records on behalf of an ACPNY patient, start here.

Our safety partnership

Whole-you care, safely

You can’t put your health on hold. We’ve made changes to assure continued care to patients in safe settings. But we also need your help. When it comes to whole-you care, we’re in this together.

Enfermedad del coronavirus (COVID-19)

Visitas virtuales

Todos los pacientes se benefician de las visitas cara a cara realizadas virtualmente desde la comodidad, seguridad y conveniencia del hogar.


Learn more about COVID-19 testing, virtual visits and other important practice changes to continue safe, effective care to our patients and communities. Haga clic aquí
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