Visita virtual


  • Video-conference your provider from home
  • Live face-to-face interactions with your provider for:
    • Reviewing test results
    • Medication management and education
    • Chronic disease management
    • Counseling and education


  • Available on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Must have an active myACPNY patient portal account
  • Secure & HIPAA compliant


  • Avoid traveling to see your provider
  • No waiting rooms
  • All details and results will be contained within the myACPNY patient portal


Puede agendar su próxima consulta en línea, comunicarse de forma segura con su médico y su equipo de cuidado de la salud, ver resultados de laboratorio e historia de vacunas, cargar información de salud y acondicionamiento físico desde aplicaciones, acceder a la información de salud de sus familiares, obtener resurtidos de recetas y más, en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar.


Let's Get Started...


1. Prepare


After scheduling your virtual visit, please follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth experience:
  • Use your smartphone or tablet.
  • If you use a computer, follow the additional instructions:
    • Set up your webcam; this can be part of a laptop or a separate USB webcam.
    • If instructed, install the newest VidyoWeb plugin. The page will reload once VidyoWeb is installed.

2. Test

  • Log on to myACPNY and go to “Visits,” then select Appointments and Visits.”
  • Locate the video visit and clickDetails.”
  • Click Test Hardware to ensure your camera and microphone work.
Tenga en cuenta: We suggest you complete this test at least one day before and 30 minutes prior to the start of your video visit. This button will disappear when the option to connect to the video visit becomes available.

3. Connect


You can connect to the video visit within 30 minutes before your appointment start time.
  • Go to “Visits” and select “Appointments and Visits.
  • Locate the video visit and click “Details.
  • Click “Begin Video Visit.

An alert will also appear on the myChart homepage when it’s time to connect to your video visit. Click the link in this alert to connect. You may need to wait for your doctor to join after connecting.

4. What to Expect


You will be placed in a virtual waiting room while your doctor connects.

If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will not be able to login.
Virtual Visit Video Test


Preguntas frecuentes

Visit the Virtual Visits FAQ to learn more or speak with your care team.

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