¿Viaja al exterior? Planifique con antelación las vacunas para viajes

23 de abril de 2019

Aunque viajar al exterior puede ser una experiencia divertida y enriquecedora, también puede representar distintos riesgos para la salud. The type of risks you may face traveling depends on a number of things, including:
  • Where you’re traveling
  • The activities you’re doing while traveling
  • Current state of your health
  • Your vaccination history
Getting recommended vaccines before you travel abroad helps lower your chances for getting and spreading disease. Prepare for travel vaccinations the next time you travel abroad by following these tips:
  • Find Your Records: Track down all of your vaccine records to know which ones you have and may need to get.
  • Visit Your Doctor: Schedule a visit with your primary care doctor at least four to six weeks before any international travel.
  • Update Your Vaccines: Ask your doctor about routine vaccines for traveling and if you’re up-to-date on all recommended travel vaccines.
  • Check Yellow Fever Proof: See if the country you’re traveling to requires proof of yellow fever vaccine and make sure you get it at least 10 days before you travel.

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